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(SO WOW!) Sandesh One Women of Wiki

Page history last edited by Sebastian Panakal 5 years, 5 months ago

On 21 May 2015, I had a training workshop at Kerala State Women's Development Corporation's Training Hall, Trivandrum. The training was arranged for Women Entrepreneurs through a project named Sandesh One , 



Due to internet problems at the training venue, my Sandesh One learners were not able to get hands on practicals at "Social Media" training. They could not make their Wiki, facebook page, twitter stream, blog etc. Hence I invited them to connect with me online. Hope they connect and learn to benefit from the free goodies of the net.

Women of Wiki Empowerment


Today, on 28 May, I met decision makers of Sahrudaya Sangeetha Karunya Vedi; they have agreed to take up my FREE offer and arrange a eL4C training for their members. This NGO has agreed to arrange a Wiki Editing Skills workshop. Once trained, I can induct them to Women of Wiki.


I have proposed to make this team into Online English Language Trainers and set up their own e-Learning Centre at the NGO's premises. Once they master Skype and online socializing skills, I plan to train them to be Tourism Ambassadors for Incredible India. 



I am so happy, my dreams are coming true!!



  1. The award ceremony where I issue their HLWS Certificate of Participation is scheduled on 4th July 2015 at Riverside Inn Muttar.  As July 4th is American Independence Day, Cheryl Kemper and George, Americans guests at the home-stay, will give away the HLWS awards. 
  2. Veronica Voo, a friend of mine in Malaysia, has promised to arrange a Lion Dance at Malaysia to entertain the audience. We shall have a Google Hangout connecting classrooms abroad with the local audience in camera. Veronica is a global educator, a member of my Personal Learning Network, Hello Little World Skypers. A couple of years ago, Veronica arranged a Dragon Dance in honor of two school students at Thankey, Alappuzha. 
  3.  Next I talked to Grace Lee in Taiwan. Her students are my friends. As a senior citizen, I enjoy their company even more. "Grand children are nature's compensation for old age" they say. My young friends have promised to play flute for me!! 







I plan to add to this list once my friends confirm their piece of action!!  The more the merrier.



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