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Cyber College Pattambi

Page history last edited by Sebastian Panakal 3 years, 3 months ago

1st July is the day Sherif Thumbil chose to introduce Microsoft's MIEE program to his learners. It was an awesome experience as they connected with MIEE educators online on Skype. The day happened to be his Birthday. He chose his special day to introduce MIEE training program at his College.



Eager to ensure his students Earn While They Learn, Sherif asked me to begin with Learn English Online training there.

This year, we shall work together to empower women in Northern Kerala, helping them set up Common Service Centers, a part of Digital India.


Common Service Centers work as the hub of local business - as an e-Learning Center, e-Teaching Center and an e-Services delivery center.

Teaming with Cyber Pattambi's Common Service Center, local women can work from home- doing Data Entry to 3D designs, and everything in between.


On 8 July, at my workshop at Pattambi, three students joined.


  • Sharanya
  • Amaljith C
  • Hafil C Basheer


In the evening, I called my good friend Athalo in Brazil. He promptly linked me to his colleague Fernando and a student.

Once I introduce Sharanya, Amaljith and Hafil, they shall start Learning English Online. They do not need a computer or internet at home. They can do their connected learning from Cyber College, Pattambi. They should be able to get their own computer, working hard, learning together.


Athalo's students Learn English Online, presenting the beauty spots of their country to friends abroad.


The above three students from Pattambi shall learn together with Mik!!


This year, we shall celebrate Onam with my friends at Hello Little World Skypers in Kerala.

Designed and implemented successfully, I am confident of sending Santa Cruz School students and Cyber College Students on a Cultural Exchange.


A couple of years ago, we celebrated Onam with my online colleagues invited over to our Onam!



Thank you Sherif, for sharing our vision; joining Hello Little World Skypers.


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